Skin Care Products

At The Skin Manifesto our firmly held belief is that radiant and healthy skin is the foundation for a beautiful complexion. In order to uphold our belief, we use only superior cosmeceutical skin care products that are of the highest quality.

These products include the most cutting edge and technologically advanced ingredients to protect, nurture, revitalise and restructure your most precious asset – your skin.

To nurture your skin back to its optimum health, we exclusively use cosmeceutical skin care products from Lira Clinical; providing the next level in high quality skin care.

Lira Clinical utilises patented delivery systems to provide your skin with their exclusive formulas, including multiple plant stem cells, advanced peptides, exclusive botanicals, and various skin nourishing vitamins and minerals to give you the most radiant and healthy skin possible.

Lira Clinical:

Lira Clinical is a cosmeceutical skin care range uniquely developed to brighten and tighten all skin types. Lira’s mission is to create highly effective skin care products that restore skin beauty, health and harmony.

The range is researched and developed in the United States and utilises an advanced patented ingredient technology.

Virtually all of Lira Clinical’s skin care range contains natural brightening ingredients to help even your skin tone and set the base for beautiful and youthful looking skin.

The Lira Clinical range is paraben free and crafted with the world’s finest natural compounds and latest skin care technology, so that you can immediately see and feel long lasting corrective results within your skin.

What are Cosmeceuticals?

Cosmeceuticals are advanced skin care products that combine cosmetics with pharmaceuticals. They do not just improve the surface appearance of skin, like cosmetics do, but actually improve the biological function in the deeper levels of the skin using active ingredients. Often the active ingredients in cosmeceuticals have undergone clinical tests to prove that they actually work, rather than just masking conditions superficially. Cosmeceuticals are becoming more and more sought after in the skin care world, as there is far more substance behind their claims to improve skin health.

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