Tattoo Removal

We are tattoo removal experts and also specialise in Eyebrow tattoo removal. We can remove any of your unwanted tattoos for you with our very advanced, trusted and clinically proven Q Switch Laser Tattoo Removal machine, that is designed and built by Quanta Systems in Italy. Our TGA approved machine works by targeting the ink within your tattoo and breaking it down into small particles, so that it can be safely discarded by the body. Unlike pico machines, our new Q Switch machine operates at three different wavelengths (1032nm, 694nm, 532nm) which allows it to target all tattoo’s ink colours.

We have registered medical professionals and laser certified clinicians that will provide you with a consultation to determine the number of treatments required to remove any of your tattoos.

* Individual results may vary

Visit our Eyebrow Tattoo Removal page for more information on removing your eyebrow tattoos.

Treatment size pricing:

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal


2cm x 2cm (Postage Stamp)


5cm x 5cm (Small)


10cm x 5cm (Credit Card)


15cm x10cm (Passport)


15cm x 20cm (Half A4)


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Treatment Summary

ConditionUndesirable Tattoos (all colours), including eyebrow tattoos.
TreatmentState of the art, clinically proven medical-grade Tattoo removal technology using Quanta System’s Q-Plus C with ND:YAG Q-Switch 1064nm, 532nm, and Ruby Q-Switch 694nm. Designed and built in Italy.
ResultsRemoval of your tattoo, no matter what its combination of colours. Our machine removes ALL colours, unlike pico or medlight machines. Individual results may vary.
Treatment IntervalsUsually 3-10 treatments, 6-8 weeks apart
Treatment TimeDepending on treatment area (small 5mins, medium 15mins, large >15mins)
Recovery TimeNo recovery time required.

Tattoo Removal FAQ

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser Tattoo removal works by utilising state of the art machines to target the ink within your tattoo. The laser safely breaks down the ink into extremely small particles that are then naturally discarded by the body’s immune system, leading to the fading and eventual total removal of your tattoo.

What laser tattoo removal machine do we use?

We use the very advanced, trusted and clinically proven medical-grade Q-switch Q-Plus C laser tattoo removal machine from Quanta System’s, which is designed and built in Italy. Our machine combines two different lasers that operate at three different wavelengths, allowing it to very effectively remove all tattoo ink colours; unlike machines from other clinics and providers, such as pico or medilight machines.

The three different wavelengths utilised by our Q-switch medical-grade laser machine are:

Nd: Yag 532nm – A green laser excellent at targeting red and orange ink, and also fantastic at removing sun and age spots.
Ruby: 694nm – A red laser excellent at targeting blue, green, and dark ink, and effective on lighter skin types.
Nd: Yag 1064nm – A near infrared laser which excels at targeting black ink, and especially effective on darker skin types.

How many treatments may be required?

The number of treatments required to remove a tattoo depends on a range of factors. These include the tattoo size, the ink type, where the tattoo is located on the body, and your general lifestyle habits. We have seen some small already faded tattoos completely removed in just one treatment, while some larger multi-coloured tattoos will require more.

Our experienced registered medical professionals will evaluate your tattoo, during a consultation, using the tried and trusted Kirby-Desai scale. This scale provides clients with a practical and methodical assessment of the number of treatments required for the removal of your tattoo.

What is the usual time gap between treatments?

We typically advise that clients wait 6 weeks between treatments. This gap allows your body to maximise its natural immune system processes to safely discard the tiny ink particles that were targeted by the laser in your treatment. Your tattoo will progressively lighten until it disappears completely over the course of your treatments with us.

What does the sensation of tattoo removal feel like?

Most people compare the sensation of laser tattoo removal with the feeling of the quick snap of an elastic band on the skin, similar to having the tattoo inked, but with much less discomfort. Positively, tattoo removal treatments are very fast, especially compared with the time taken in having the tattoo inked in the first place. We also utilise a powerful medical-grade cooling machine to lessen the sensation of removal for you.

Our medical professionals will help you with any concerns you may have about the sensation of the treatment, including assistance with the use of topical creams to further reduce the sensation if requested.

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