Top 5 Tips to consider when Choosing a Tattoo Removal Clinic

1. The Right Technology

Choose a clinic that uses only Q-Switched multi-wavelength laser technology which has the capability to treat all tattoo ink colours.

Be wary of new technology. There are always new technologies emerging, and some are not yet proven. The iPhone 7 is a great example; new bells and whistles but nothing ground breaking. Because it takes multiple treatments over a period of time to remove a tattoo, it typically requires years for the industry to accumulate enough case studies to prove that a new technology is dramatically better than an existing one. There will always be a company claiming that their laser is the newest and most revolutionary, but it has been years since the industry has seen anything that sizeably changes the length of time it takes to remove a tattoo, and especially a tattoo with more than just the colour Black. This doesn’t mean that the industry won’t continue to experience advances, yet people seeking Tattoo Removal should just be aware of the companies that seek to make unsubstantiated claims simply to sell their machines, as well as any unethical clinics simply wanting to pay off those machines.

WARNING!  Avoid clinics offering cheap IPL treatments or treatments utilising acids to clear your tattoo. These methods of removal are known to cause long lasting negative side effects such as scarring, and skin discoloration.

2. Experienced, qualified and certified medical professionals

Don’t settle for second best. Choose a clinic that has only experienced medical professionals who are certified laser safety officers performing your treatment. This will ensure the highest quality of care with the best treatment outcomes.

BE AWARE: Currently in NSW and Victoria there are no regulatory bodies overseeing clinics who provide laser services. This means that your practitioner doesn’t have to have experience, be a medical professional, or even be certified in providing laser services.

How do you know if your tattoo removal clinic is certified, and has qualified and experienced staff who are medical professionals?

3. Realistic treatment times

Choose a clinic that set’s realistic treatment removal times. There are multiple factors that contribute to the amount of treatments required to achieve complete tattoo clearance.
Some factors include: Patient skin type, tattoo size, the ink type and colour, where the tattoo is located on the body, existing scarring and general lifestyle habits. No two people are the same, and the same goes for tattoos. So when deciding on a clinic for your tattoo removal make sure the clinic uses a tried and tested assessment tool to give you an accurate estimate of your total treatment time. That means no guessing and peace of mind.

4. Treatment guarantee

Stay clear of clinics that do not have a treatment removal guarantee. Going to a clinic without a guarantee means that you might end up having many more treatments than is necessary and ultimately paying more than you should.

5. Effective pre and post treatment care

When choosing a clinic, make sure they provide you with the most effective tools to be able to achieve the best results. This is important because half of the removal process depends on the clinic and the other half is how well you take care of the treated area pre and post treatment. Therefore, effective pre and post treatment care is paramount to your overall results and skin health.

Experience The Skin Manifesto Difference 

The Skin Manifesto Difference

Our 5 KEY Tattoo Removal pillars:

1. Superior Technology

The Rolls Royce of Tattoo Removal Technology.

We only use advanced medical grade TGA approved Q-Switch Laser technology, that has been tried and tested on millions of people worldwide. We don’t settle for second best and nor should you. Our proven Q-Switch technology is the only way to go to remove your tattoo, no matter what the colour.

2. Experienced Medical Professionals

All treatments are performed by Experienced Registered Nurses who are Certified Laser Safety Officers and are especially knowledgeable and experienced in treatments and aftercare procedures. This guarantees and ensures you will have the highest quality of pre and post treatment care and advice available.
We look after you before and after so you have the best Tattoo Removal experience that you deserve.

3. Kerbi-Desai Scale

Accurate estimate of your total treatment time. No guessing.

We use the trusted Kerbi-Desai Scale as an accurate tool to best estimate the total number of treatment sessions needed for an individual client and tattoo, to achieve complete clearance.

4. Treatment Guarantee

If you require more treatments with us than the number estimated by your treating nurse in your initial consultation, the remaining treatments will be provided to you for FREE. It’s a win-win situation for you and provides you financial peace of mind.

5. Unique Pre and Post treatment care

We pride ourselves on offering our Exclusive pre and post treatment Care Plan to our clients, that is unique to The Skin Manifesto. We use the power of LED Light therapy (developed by NASA) and specially formulated skin care products to decrease any post treatment discomfort, reduce swelling and redness, promote faster healing, and stimulate the lymphatic system to accelerate ink clearance.
Further, all clients receive a homecare protocol pack to give you the best pre and post care tattoo removal treatment.

Being registered medical professionals provides us with the education and experience to give you a much better insight into how your body and skin works, which allows us to provide you with the best treatment plan so you experience faster removal of your unwanted tattoo.


Written By Andrea
Registered Nurse and Founder of The Skin Manifesto

Andrea is a Registered Nurse that has been achieving solution-focused results for her clients with her 12+ years experience in the medical industry.
She is also a certified laser safety office and advanced dermal clinician.

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